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Teacher Development Day
This year’s annual Teacher Development Day was held on the 7th November, 2011. For a start it is usually a no-school day for students, and therefore teachers have a very relaxed atmosphere. At the same time the teachers come to school to learn and be “taught”. To make it different from the scheduled continuous teacher development and refresher courses, external trainers or facilitators who are experts in particular fields are invited. Depending on the topic(s) LIS Dar Es Salaam Nursery/Primary and Secondary teachers would have a combined or separate training. For this Academic Year the two campuses had separate training sessions. Whereas the Nursery/Primary addressed classroom behaviour management and personal mental health resiliency against teacher burn-out, the secondary school concentrated on the youth and crime.
The training at the primary as indicated above was facilitated by Ms. Carrie Evans, who is an educator, counsellor and a licensed Psychotherapist (Colorado, USA). The training method used by the facilitator was tremendously simple and yet very effective. Using group activities, brainstorming and explanations the teachers really appreciated the use of positive behaviour support (PBS) in not only decreasing the use of more aversive interventions in classroom management but how it can also lead to systemic and individualised change. This was a typical example of “learning with fun” with teachers learning how to better manage the behaviour of the pupils as well realising how easy it is to integrate such activities in their lessons. The teachers also explored personal mental ways and means of resilience against teacher burn-out and therefore able to successfully cope with stress at work.
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