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Admissions procedure

Parents may register children any time during the year subject to the following conditions:
1.    For admission to take place a physical visit by the student accompanied by the parent/guardian is required
2.    Students are admitted to the school only if there is a vacancy at the proper class level.
3.    Admission to a particular class is subject to evidence of proper age (passport or birth certificate), achievement tests (if applicable),      recommendations and a receipt of complete reports from the previous school. Contacts may be made with the previous school(s).
4.    Registration and testing does not automatically imply admission acceptance. Priority for enrolment procedure will be strictly adhered to.
5.    Enrolment to IGCSE or A Level classes in the last year of study is not possible unless there is evidence that one is transferring from a school that offers the same curriculum.

Enrolment requirements
1.    A completed Admission Form and Medical Information and Update (to be provided), duly signed by the parent/guardian.
2.    Copy of Birth Certificate or passport copy (for non-citizens).
3.    2 recent passport size photographs.
4.    Latest Progress Reports for at least 2 terms before joining the school (except for those joining Nursery). If a student has transferred to more than one school in the last two years, then the Progress Reports of those schools are required.
5.    A leaving certificate/transfer letter of the last school attended.
6.    Medical history: For known medical conditions.

School Fees Invoice will be issued upon admission

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